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High fidelity simulation tools for Industry 4.0

Project coordinators: Christian Weißenfels, Peter Wriggers

Within the framework of Industry 4.0, the digitization of the manufacturing processes is a key component. A realistic re-enactment, often in the context of "Digital Twins", plays a central role in this. For each physical process, a virtual, digital replica is created. The development, control and design of a machine or an entire process chain is mainly based on the digital replica. This eliminates expensive and time-consuming prototypes or experimental studies.

The "Digital Twin" combines collected data with a numerical model and based on stochastic analyzes statements or predictions about the process or the machine status are made. These analyzes can be used to optimize processes or predict problems and suggest solutions to problems. These support the engineer in the design of the real physical product or optimization of processes.


  • Individual products (Mass Customization)
  • High quality
  • Faster production
  • Low production or manufacturing costs
  • Smart logistics
  • Individual working environment

Central to this are the numerical models and methods. In the field of method development at the IKM, both high-impact material models and powerful and robust solution methods are being developed. These not only guarantee the accuracy, but also the efficiency of future "digital twins" in the field of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes.

Projects & Team:

Selective Laser Melting
Henning Wessels
Jan-Philipp Fürstenau

3D Printing of Elastomers
Philipp Hartmann

Sandeep Kumar

Chip Formation of Metals
Dengpeng Huang

Additive Manufacturing

Process Simulation for Selective Laser Melting

Bild zum Projekt Process Simulation for Selective Laser Melting


Christian Weißenfels, Peter Wriggers


M.Sc. Henning Wessels


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Design and Control of Additive Manufacturing Processes for Medical Silicone



M.Sc. Philipp Hartmann


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High Performance Computing of Stereolithography Processes



M.Sc. Sandeep Kumar


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