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Peridynamic Petrov-Galerkin Method

Peridynamic Petrov-Galerkin Method

Leitung:  Christian Weißenfels, Peter Wriggers
Team:  M.Sc. Tobias Bode
Jahr:  2019
Datum:  14-02-19

The flexibility of meshless methods in dealing with varying discontinuities and phases makes them attractive for the simulation of various engineering applications. Peridynamics is a integro-differential formulation of the momentum equation, which is widely used for modeling fractures based on non-local material models. The usage of local material models from classical continuum mechanics theory is enforced by a correspondence formulation. This approach is accompanied by the drawback of low-energy modes which result in spurious oscillations. In this project, the Peridynamic Petrov-Galerkin (PPG) method is developed, that provides a generalized correspondence formulation which is free of low-energy modes without the use of unphysical corrections.