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Contiuum Mechanical Modelling of Self-Cleaning Surface Mechanisms

Contiuum Mechanical Modelling of Self-Cleaning Surface Mechanisms

Leitung:  R. A. Sauer
Team:  M.Osman
Jahr:  2009
Ist abgeschlossen:  ja

Some biological surfaces, like several plant leaves, exhibit remarkable self cleaning mechanism. These are called hydrophobic surfaces, where the water does not coat the surface but rather forms small droplets which then roll-off easily on inclined surfaces and swept foreign pollutants, like dirt or germ particles, away from the surface. A continuum mechanical model suitable for computational multiscale analysis is therefore required for describing the interaction between the water droplet, the pollutant particle and the substrate surface. This model provides better understanding of basic droplet-substrate interaction characteristics such as contact angle, roll off angle and droplet deformation due to the microstructure of the substrate. The surface self-cleaning capabilities can be therefore improved by optimizing the artificial surface microstructure.