Leitung:  P. Wriggers, B. Avci
Team:  B. Avci
Jahr:  2014
Förderung:  FP7 of the EU

In many cases, massive parallel large-scale computations are indispensable for solving problems of practical interest. The numerical treatment of such class problems requires not only highly efficient scalable parallel solvers, moreover, efficient parallel algorithms covering the whole simulation pipeline – also including pre- and post-processing, mesh generation and design solvers considering uncertainties – are essential to model and to simulate large-scale or exascale class problems. The specific goal of this project is therefore the development and implementation of new parallel algorithms and methods that will allow to solve large-scale class problems with high efficiency.


Specific contributions of IKM to Numexas

IKM will participate in the implementation, development and design of new particle-based codes to be applied in exascale architectures over the whole simulation pipeline. IKM will also provide their particle-based solver to be used as starting point for the new codes to be developed in the project.

Poster Downloads

Numexas Poster: Part 1

Numexas Poster: Part 2