Multi-Fluid Simulations for High Density Ratios

Multi-Fluid Simulations for High Density Ratios

Leitung:  P. Wriggers, B. Avci
Team:  J.-P. Fürstenau
Jahr:  2014

Although the contact between fluids or gases of different densities is a common event in nature, like the interaction of water and air, the simulation of multiple fluids often comes along with numerous problems. With the Lagrangian description of continuous fluids in terms of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method multi-fluid interactions within the particle scale can simulated. Nevertheless with the standard SPH algorithms multi-fluid problems can not be solved because of the density jumps at the interfaces. Within the project the state of the art of current multi-fluid approaches are compared and evaluated to develop appropriate methods for the simulation of multi-fluid systems with high density ratios (siehe Poster).