TSM for visco-elastic structures

TSM for visco-elastic structures

Top: norm of the stress plus/minus the standard deviation for a spring along the magenta and blue curve. Bottom: reaction force vs time and displacement, respectively, for two different loading velocities. Blue curves represent the reference Monte Carlo result; red curves represent the TSM results.
Leitung:  P. Junker, J. Nagel
Jahr:  2019

The local TSM model for visco-elastic materials can also be employed for finite structures. To this end, it is evaluated for each integration point within a finite element routine. It is also possible to find analytic formulas for the expectation value and the standard deviation of each component of the reaction force. The numerical extra costs are less than 5% needed for a deterministic finite element simulation. Considering a minimum number of 400 finite element computations for a Monte Carlo simulation reveals that TSM provides a fast yet accurate procedure for the modeling of visco-elastic components with stochastic properties.