Thermodynamic topology optimization including plasticity

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Miriam Kick, Philipp Junker

Topology optimization is an important basis for the design of components. Here, the optimal structure is found within a design space subject to boundary conditions as well as the material law. Additionally, the specific material law has a strong impact on the final design. Even more: a, for instance, linear-elastically structure is not optimal if plastic deformation will be induced by the loads. Hence, a physically correct and resource-efficient inclusion of plasticity modeling is needed. In this contribution, we present an extension of the thermodynamic topology optimization that accounts for the non-linear material behavior due to the evolution of plastic strains. For this purpose, we develop a novel surrogate plasticity model that allows to compute the correct plastic strain tensor corresponding to the current structure design. We show the agreement of the model with the classic plasticity model without dissipation and that the interaction of the topology optimization with plastic material behavior results in structural changes.

Institut für Kontinuumsmechanik
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