Finite Elements II

Finite Elements II


The course Finite Elements II describes and instructs on computational approaches for advanced engineering applications. It advances the topics of the core course Finite Elements I with several applicative sessions.


Building upon the course Finite Elements I, the topics of Finite Elements II are nonlinear problems in structural mechanics and solid mechanics. A special focus are geometrically and materially nonlinearities, which might lead to instabilities that are of great importance in industrial applications. Numerical methods to solve nonlinear problems like the Newton-Raphson method, line search methods and different arc-length methods are treated. Using two-dimensional finite element formulations, hyperelastic and inelastic material models are presented and their algorithmic treatment is discussed.

Accompanying the lecture there will be exercise lectures and several computer seminars in which the methods taught in the lecture can be implemented and practiced on the computer. Examination will be based on an oral discussion or assigned practical project tasks.



  • English


  • Finite Elements I

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  • For better understanding and the practical application of the topics treated during the "Finite Element II" course, the accompanying course "Development of FEM codes via automated computational modelling" is offered for the first time in this semester. This accompanying course is not compulsory but highly recommended.