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Abschluss des Bachelorprojektes

Final Presentation of the Bachelorproject

First Semester Students Developer Crashstructures.

Since the beginning of the last semester the new bachelor project is part of the study program. Students of mechanical engineering shall be given a first insight into the project work aß an engineer. Besides the technical solution of a given problem, the tasks include the organization of the project in the group and the presentation of the results. At IKM the task was the construction of a crash structure based on a passenger cell. A chicken egg should be protected from a defined impact. The students had to deal with elements for the absorption of energy and combine them usefully. As a special element, 3D printers were available for the production and tailored assembly. At the end of the project a competition took place at the IKM. The designs had to score in various categories such as weight, dimensions and function. A specially constructed cable car provided the necessary drive, which was stopped abruptly on a wall. After all the theoretical considerations, the students thus were able to receive a handson feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of their designs. At the end, a winner could be chosen.