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Micro-structure Topology Optimization of Auxetic Materials

Micro-structure Topology Optimization of Auxetic Materials

Led by:  X. Zhuang
Team:  Thanh Chuong Nguyen
Year:  2016

[Translate to Englisch:] Auxetic materials with negative Poisson’s ratio can lead to dramatic enhancements in mechanical properties of structures. Such materials are created by modifying periodic unit cells so that the micro-mechanical structure of the unit cells contain hinge-like features. One of the implication of auxetic materials is their resistance to fracture since the lateral expand of material close up potential cracks. Auxetic materials flow toward the point of applied force in the impact problem and result in increase of dense at the impact zone. This show the indentation properties of auxetic materials and are adopted for various needs in military, automotive industries.
The project will investigate the auxetic behavior of material micro-structures and optimize their topologies. The initial topology of the micro-structure of material can start with common shapes, e.g., star-shape, re-entrant structure, etc., and it can be optimized through varying the geometry parameters. Another approach is to design and optimize auxetic micro-strucures by using topology optimization for compliant mechanisms. The homogenization technique is used to integrate the effective properties of heterogeneous material into the analysis of the macrostructure. The final design and the global behavior of macro-structure models are optimized combination of material micro-structures and optimum structure layouts under specified boundary conditions.