Seismic Metamaterials

Seismic Metamaterials: Supporting the development with accurate and efficient simulation methods

In recent years, the seismic metamaterials have been numerically designed to active prevention of the potential seismic wave damage. Most of the existing computational designs of seismic metamaterials have been investigated under the assumption that the soil is an ideal elastic continuum medium due to computational efficiency. However, it is well known that the particle property of soil plays an important role on the seismic wave interaction between soil and structure, in particular the near-field regions around the target building structure and seismic metamaterial. In this project, the applicant proposes to develop a particle-continuum coupled model used by the discrete element method (DEM) and the singular boundary method (SBM), and to provide an accurate and efficient numerical simulation method to support the design of the novel seismic metamaterials to steer the seismic wave under realistic soil medium.

Year: 2018

Sponsor: Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung