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Development of FEM codes via automated computational modelling

Development of FEM codes via automated computational modelling

(Master Laboratory)


The module accompanies the lectures of the course "Finite Elements II" and it covers implementation and testing of finite element codes for nonlinear problems. Advantages of automated computational modelling are explored by the use of combined symbolic-numeric coding. After successful completion of the module, students are able to:

  • Code finite elements for geometric and material nonlinear problems
  • Test the subroutines in a finite element software
  • Post-process and analyze results


  • Material modeling
  • Combined symbolic-numeric coding in Mathematica
  • Finite element calculations using AceGen and AceFEM

Key goal is the use of Finite Element Technologies for the solution of the partial differential equations (PDEs) governing complex physical problems. The employed symbolic-numeric strategy allows to investigate on a number of different solution algorithms whose understanding will be useful for the proper use of commercial FEM software in the future career.


Note: this is a Master Laboratory. Simultaneous attendance of Finite Elements II is required to successfully complete it.


  • English


  • Finite Elements I

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