Institute for Continuum Mechanics
New High Performance Computing Cluster

New High Performance Computing Cluster

On October the 16th, 2009 the new high performance computing cluster ,,Leibniz" was inaugurated at the Institute of Continuum Mechanics. In the mechanical engineering research it will be applied to solve problems in the field of computational mechanics. The computing-performance will enable detailed simulations of problems from fields like structural mechanics, fluid-structure interaction and continuum mechanics.

The required computing time for the solution of complex problems will be reduced by the parallel computing capabilities offered by the cluster. Furthermore the available memory allows the consideration of huge numerical models in a highly detailed way, what will raise the attractiveness for the industry to solve complex problems together with the researchers at IKM. 

The build-up of the computing facility required a six-figure investment volume. Currently the extendible system consists of 11 computing nodes with altogether 92 cores. It uses a Torque/Maui batch system, a Parastation V5 as cluster-middleware and the RedHat Enterprise linux/cluster-suite.

The theoretical accumulated performance of the system is 764 GFlops.