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PARTICLES 2017 - 5th International conference on the research of particle-based methods in calculation engineering

PARTICLES 2017 - 5th International conference on the research of particle-based methods in calculation engineering

From 26th to 28th September 2017, 360 mechanical and civil engineers, mathematicians and physicists from 36 countries discussed the challenges of particle-based methods and their application in the modeling of the future fields of regenerative energies, additive manufacturing, functionalized materials, alternative drives and energy storage.

Under the title "Particle-based Methods, Fundamentals and Applications", the scientists discussed the future trends in modeling and simulation through particle-based methods of solution in engineering in 9 parallel  sessions. These methods offer new possibilities in computational engineering and are suitable to meet the growing requirements for simulation through new technology fields and novel materials. The President of Leibniz Universität Hannover, Prof. Volker Epping, welcomed the international participants in the auditorium and expressed his enthusiasm for organizing such a large conference on campus grounds. This initiative falls back on Prof. Peter Wriggers, who was able to bring this prestigious ECCOMAS conference to the Leibniz University for the first time. It was therefore a great pleasure for the mayor, Stefan Schostok, to invite the guests to a welcoming reception in the so called "New Townhall" on the first evening.

After three exciting days with 300 lectures, the researchers were invited to attend the traditional conference dinner in the Hanover Zoo. In the Maharajah Hall, the participants enjoyed a pleasant Indian atmosphere and a mystical fire show. The participants will be looking forward to the next "Particles", which will take place again in 2019 at the Congress Organizer CIMNE in Barcelona.

CIMNE – International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering

In April 1987 CIMNE was established as a consortium by the government of Catalonia and the UPC with the support of UNESCO. The managing director is Prof. Eugenio Oñate.

The activities of the center were concentrated in the first place on the support of several scientific initiatives by the staff of the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. CIMNE employs around 200 people from 25 different countries in 2017.