3D Simulations of Fracture Processes Using Global-Local Approach

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Fadi Aldakheel

This work addresses a robust and efficient Global-Local approach for numerically solving three dimensional (3D) fracture-mechanics problems. This method has the potential to tackle practical field problems in which a large-structure might be considered and fracture propagation is a localized phenomenon. In this regard, failure is analyzed on a lower (Local) scale, while dealing with a purely linear problem on an upper (Global) scale. The successful application of the method to non-linear problems such as finite strain hydraulic and ductile fracture in 2D leads naturally to the question of its effectiveness and robustness in the third dimension. This work is concerned with the extensions of the Global-Local method to problems of 3D brittle fracture. The modeling of crack formation at the Local scale is achieved in a convenient way by continuum phase-field formulations to fracture, which are based on the regularization of sharp crack discontinuities. On the element technologies different mesh types at the Global and Local domains were considered for efficient large scale problems. Several numerical results substantiate our developments.

Institute of Continuum Mechanics
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Swansea University
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https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-822944-6.00060-8 (Access: Closed)

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