Phase-Field Modeling of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Brittle Materials

authored by
Fadi Aldakheel, Chistoph Schreiber, Ralf Müller, Peter Wriggers

In this contribution, the phase-field PF approach to brittle fracture is extended to model fatigue failure in the high cyclic regime. Fatigue is the primary failure mode for more than 90% of mechanical failures. It occurs when a structure is subjected to repeated loading at stress levels that are below the yield stress of the material. On the modeling side, a local energy accumulation variable which takes the loading history of a structure into account is introduced within the PF formulation. This is inserted into a fatigue degradation function which degrades the fracture material properties. To this end, only one additional parameter is proposed, that enables the reproduction of main material fatigue features. The model performance is demonstrated by two representative numerical examples.

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