Current Trends and Open Problems in Computational Mechanics

authored by
Fadi Aldakheel, Blaz Hudobivnik, Meisam Soleimani, Henning Wessels, Christian Weißenfels, Michele Marino

This Festschrift is dedicated to Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Wriggers on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Thanks to his high dedication to research, over the years Peter Wriggers has built an international network with renowned experts in the field of computational mechanics. This is proven by the large number of contributions from friends and collaborators as well as former PhD students from all over the world. The diversity of Peter Wriggers network is mirrored by the range of topics that are covered by this book. To name only a few, these include contact mechanics, finite and virtual element technologies, micromechanics, multiscale approaches, fracture mechanics, isogeometric analysis, stochastic methods, meshfree and particle methods. Applications of numerical simulation to specific problems, e.g. Biomechanics and Additive Manufacturing is also covered. The volume intends to present an overview of the state of the art and current trends in computational mechanics for academia and industry.

Institute of Continuum Mechanics
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