Thermodynamic Topology Optimization of Layered Anisotropic Materials

authored by
Dustin R. Jantos, Philipp Junker

Anisotropic materials are often used for high-performance components and thus the optimization of structures produced with those materials is of major interest. To optimize such structures, the topology as well as the material orientation should be considered as design variables for maximum performance. Most common production processes of anisotropicmaterials consider additive manufacturing either by layering laminates of fiber reinforced composites or 3D-printing. To this end, we present a variational and thermodynamic optimization model for the topology based on a density approach in combinationwith a local continuous fiber angle optimization in the three-dimensional space. To tackle the mentioned production restrictions, the fibers are restricted to be parallel to a globally defined layer plane, which accounts for the layered production process. The layer plane is either optimized as well or can be prescribed by the user. In addition, a filtering technique for the fibers is presented to constrain the maximum fiber curvature within the layers.

Institute of Continuum Mechanics
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