Multiphysics Computation of Thermomechanical Fatigue in Electronics Under Electrical Loading

authored by
Bilen Emek Abali, Fadi Aldakheel, Tarek I. Zohdi

Miniaturization increases more complexity in Integrated Circuits (IC) as well as circuit boards. Several electronic components are assembled on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The board is a composite material of a fiber reinforced thermosetting polymer based matrix. Within and on the board, conducting traces and vertical interconnect access (via) carry out electrical signals. So-called Joule’s heat causes a cyclic occurrence of thermal stresses on vias and traces leading to plastic deformation and fatigue related damage. Multiphysics simulations make a study of this coupled and nonlinear system possible. We demonstrate an attempt to compute an electro-thermo-mechanical system and a damage problem by using finite element method in space and finite difference method in time.

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